Revitalize your hands and Nails Manicure/Nail Care

When you visit our salon you will be given the best care & advice for your nails, using the latest technology and procedures to insure your nails are healthy and have the best shine, color and texture possible.

The Relaxer Manicure $18

  • Trimming & shaping of nails
  • Soak your hands in warm water with lemon slices
  • Pushing back & trimming of excessive cuticles
  • A light hand massage with lotion
  • Color polish of your choice

Gel Manicure $40

  • Long lasting (2-3 weeks) – Our New York customers love our products for their color, shine, and durability. All nail removal is done by vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium, aloe Vera leaf extract, tea tree oil and grape seed oil to prevent any damage to your nada and nails, which can happen when nails are removed with equipment.


The Herbal Spa Manicure................$30